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Many gym chains are willing to negotiate the price of your monthly membership or what you have access to, though boutique studios and gyms tend to be even more flexible.

8 Ways to Save on a Gym Membership

So, don't just waltz into a gym unprepared. Gym associates are trained salesmen and will have a pitch ready for everything, so arming yourself with info and knowledge of their sales tactics can place you in a better position. One sneaky question you may hear: Can you commit to exercising during the week?

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Acting like you have all the time in the world—even if you are actually in a hurry—increases your likelihood of success, says J. Roth, a personal finance expert who writes for Money Boss. Membership salesmen often have a monthly membership quota to hit. For this reason, try shopping for your gym membership close to the end of the month, preferably when there are no other customers waiting around.

With these combined factors, you have greater leverage for two reasons: The sales rep may be hurting to fill his quota, and if no one, or very few, people are waiting, he has more time to dance with you.

These Are The Best Gym Memberships That Cost Less Than $50 A Month

If you're patient and savvy enough, there's always an awesome deal to be had. Sign up for several gym email newsletters to stay on top of promotions. Check aggregation sites like Yelp, FourSquare, and Groupon to see if there are special referral rates or discounted packages.

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Even third-parties like Costco occasionally offer deals on full memberships. Just make sure you read the fine print: Many deals ask you to commit to a subsequent contract or may raise your rate when the promotional period has ended. Just be careful about signing anything as a prerequisite, since that mini-contract can sometimes automatically turn into a full-fledged membership when the trial ends. During your trial period, try to look beyond the dazzling smoothie bar and locker room jacuzzi. Actually use the time to see if the gym will fit your needs.

Ask yourself: How busy is the gym during the times you intend to use it? Is the location convenient to your daily schedule?

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And get a feel for your fellow gym-goers—are they a crowd you can work out with? You can also mention you're checking out other gyms, or have already received free passes elsewhere. Gyms typically offer multiple tiers of membership: Typically, the more people who can enroll with you at the same time, the more negotiating power you have as well.

Just make sure the personal-training session will be productive for you, as these complimentary lessons can be upsells in disguise. And spoiler alert: Get a benefit from your benefits. Depending on your insurance company, you can save big on fitness club membership dues. Call your insurance company to find out if you have access to gym or fitness club memberships. The New York pass alone includes more than visits. The Ultimate Guide to Coupons. Consider community recreation centers. Get a ClassPass good at hundreds of studios.

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The pass is based on credits that are applied to your classes each class costing 4 or more credits. Many large cities are currently participating and the network is continuing to grow, but visit ClassPass to see if your city is participating. You can sign up for a free first month and receive 40 credits to use toward classes in your area.

The Simple Affordable Home Gym Setup

Save money and get fit in the new year. How to find the right insurance. Bike sharing for health and economy. Jenny Willden loves living frugally and has been sharing deals since before Groupon existed. She appears occasionally on the Utah daytime television program, KSL Studio 5, to talk about outdoor recreation.

Jenny owns and operates Salt Lake City on the Cheap. Other facilities are available, too. It also states it is out of stock. Thanks for the catch. There was a typo.

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