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Friends and LEOs searched several hour before finding body. A female HD rider died at mm 5. Another female died a month later in the same area.

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A 66 year old Goldwing rider died near mm 8. A 49 year old died two months after crashing at the Hump. One sportbike went off road and hit tree near Thunder Road Bend. One cruiser went off road in Ron's Run with rider suffering heart attack. One trike went off road and struck tree. One sportbike death in head-on near Parsons Branch.

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One low side at Guardrail Cliff. Trike versus a vehicle near the Wall claimed the lives of an older rider and his passenger. Both accidents in July. One rider went off road and hit tree another low sided into an oncoming vehicle. All three deaths involved failing to negociate corners - two went off the mountain and one slid into an oncoming vehicle.

The Appalachian Trail

Both deaths apparently caused by speed and then overbraking. There were several deaths in the surrounding area of the Dragon, but none that we know of on the 11 miles of the Dragon itself. The rider was passing a car near the Horns of the Dragon when he wrecked and suffered fatal head injuries. The second death occurred on Sunday August 4 when Lendry R.

Obanna Jr. The entire Blount County home of the Dragon saw a total of four motorycle fatalities in The total includes the deaths of a year-old Knoxville man who died March 10 in a collision on Old Knoxville Highway in Rockford, the May 5th death on the Dragon, the July 5th death of a year-old Maryville man in an accident on Happy Valley Road, and the October 27th death on the Dragon.

Blount County had four motorcycle deaths in including one fatality on the Dragon. Only one motorcycle death in - No deaths: No fatal motorcycle crashes in A single motorcycle fatality is listed in A single motorcycle fatality in In , two men died in separate July 3 motorcycle crashes on the Dragon during the holiday weekend. The Biker in the Bank appeared on the Dragon in We think a passerby needed the boots.

Here he lies with pistons and crank Buried up to his ass In the face of this bank He challenged the Dragon To have some fun As you can see, the Dragon won!! Had the opportunity to cruise "the Tail of the Dragon". Couldn't get my car out of second gear, so I thought Granted I took broad liberties in standardizing corners geometry, but I think the results are interesting.

My idealized corner geometry is very simple:.

Several earthen berms were constructed to prevent bikes from going down steep drop-offs. Many of the pull-offs were paved. Some additional warning signs were installed.


Contrary to rumors there are no plans to install speed bumps. TN last repaved the Dragon in June of By Road: As the Crow Flies: Tabcat Bridge to NC 28 - 5. In the winter months traffic is extremely light, probably less than 50 vehicles a day. This means the other months have days much busier than the ADDT shown above.

The Tennessee figures do not count the traffic coming into the Dragon from North Carolina that turns around and heads back into North Carolina. Prior to the speed limit in both Tennessee and North Carolina was 55 mph.

Attractions Near The Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap

In the speed limit on the Tennessee side was lowered to 40 mph. In the speed limit was lowered to 30 mph, which is still in effect today. The North Carolina portion of the Dragon was lowered to 30 mph in early You will hear a lot about the fastest times on the Dragon. The original unofficial timing involved a run from the Overlook to the Crossroads of Time and then back, an The round trip time was then divided by two. The Deals Gap Riding Society record for an amateur rider was a 22 minute round trip run, which averaged out to 11 minutes one way The overall record was 18 minutes, or 9 minutes one-way 62 mph average.

In order to compete for a new record one had to make the run along with the current record holder. These records were set back in the early s when there was little traffic on the Dragon. Stark Love , a silent film, was shot in Graham County and the surrounding area in Considered a classic film because of its realism, the movie portrayed the mountain people as slothful and backwards.

The last copy of the movie was thought to have burned in a fire at Paramount Studios, but a copy was found in The story line features a mountain family whose son escapes to the big city for an education.

A Hike from Newfound Gap to Deals Gap. May 29-31, 1931

When he returns to marry his girlfriend he finds that his widowed father has taken her hand. Then conflict between the father and son ensues. The first feature film made on US was Thunder Road. This Robert Mitchum film about backwoods moonshining actually had scenes filmed on the Dragon. One location that we can identify is at the power line easement at about mile 4. A number of the posts still remain. Many town scenes were filmed in Asheville. The cult classic movie Two-Lane Blacktop was partially filmed on the Dragon. There are scenes of the state line sign, some of the curves, and the original single lane bridge at Tapoco Dam.

From Charlies Bunion, fire clearings above steep mountain slopes afford spectacular views to peaks and valleys below. About every eight miles or so, the National Park Service has erected overnight shelters that have primitive bunks for sleeping along the trail in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park. These shelters are covered by wire screen on one side to keep the bears at bay. Stays are limited to one night and a backcountry permit or reservation is required.

Permits for reservations can be obtained from Park Headquarters by calling Reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance by calling, or in person at the Twentymile Ranger Station south end of the Park and Big Creek Ranger Station north end. Less-populated but interesting trails connecting to the AT include Lower Mt.