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The company says to millileters can be collected at a time — about 3 cups of plasma. The body replaces plasma quickly, so a person can make donations as often as twice a week, Kyhos said.

How to Donate Blood Plasma for Money (Earn $260 at BioLife Center)

A typical BioLife center averages about 2, donations a week, Kyhos said, and the donors come from all walks of life. Donors usually are young, averaging 20 to 35 years old, and students can make up 15 to 60 percent of a facility's donor base, he said. Most donors come from within a seven-mile radius of the collection center, according to Kyhos. Kyhos said all donors must pass a physical exam annually, answer medical-history questions at the time of each donation, and donate twice before their plasma is accepted for use.

How Much Does BioLife Pay for Plasma Donation? Answered

Each plasma donation is tested for diseases. A donation typically takes 70 minutes, 45 of which are spent attached to the plasmapheresis machine, according to the company website. Follow him on Twitter: Hot Topics: Your donation center Nearby Locations.

Becoming a Plasma Donor - 10 minutes

Become a Donor! Redeem Points About the iGive Program. Your Reloadable Prepaid Card.

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Find a Career with Us! Grow your career in the healthcare industry while helping to improve and save millions of lives. Plasma Saves and Improves Lives Plasma is the essential ingredient for products crucial to treating patients suffering from a host of life-threatening conditions and bleeding disorders.

Donation Centers Our U. The Donation Experience Watch this video to understand the steps and process of donating plasma. Watch the Video. Learn About Our Patients Meet some of our patients and their loved ones whose lives are changed by your donation.

Patient Stories. Donor Testimonials Discover why these donors are motivated to donate and donate again to save lives.

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