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Mars Travel with us to the not-so-distant future and join explorers on a daring day mission to fly an international crew to Mars and return them safely to Earth for the first time. This show explores the relationship between the Earth, Moon and Sun with the help of Coyote, a character adapted from Native American oral traditions who has many misconceptions about our home planet and its neighbors. His confusion about the universe helps viewers think about how the Earth, Moon and Sun work together as a system.

Native American stories are used throughout the show to help distinguish between myths and science. Audience members will learn why the Sun rises and sets, examine the Moon's orbit, craters, phases and eclipses, and explore past and future space travel to our Moon and beyond. Dinosaurs at Dusk: The Origins of Flight Prices: Smooth Criminal, Beat It. Laser Bruno Mars brings his retro showmanship and style to the dome in vibrant laser light.

With an energetic soundtrack combined with gorgeous visuals, Laser Bruno Mars is just plain fun. Travel with siblings Jack and Annie in their Magic Tree House as they discover a note that asks them to answer a series of six questions about space.

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With the help of the astronomer, the Internet, an astronaut, books and the writer of the mysterious note, Jack and Annie are taken on a wondrous journey of adventure and learning to the planets and far out into the Universe! Fat bottomed girls, Under pressure. Their aggressive and complex music provides an amazing backbone for a massive laser show. Experience the power and spectacle of a show best described as epic, Laser Metallica.

Pepper's Laser Light Show is a magical way to experience the influential concept album from The Beatles.

The French electronic music duo known as Daft Punk brought house music to the masses. The Laser Daft Punk show is an exciting tribute to the visual spectacle of the costumed pair, and their extravagant live shows. Laser Pink Floyd: This brand-new show reveals dark matter's earliest clues, covering the astral choreography of galactic orbits as well as sensitive detectors hidden deep underground in ancient gold mines.

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Finally, take a first-person trip inside the world's largest particle accelerator at CERN to witness firsthand the forces that are illuminating this mysterious, invisible particle that fills our universe. Tickets memberships Merchandise Make a donation Vouchers Bundles.

More Close. Continue With Facebook. By submitting this form, you agree to our Terms of Service and that you have read our Privacy Policy. Some organizers and ticketing platforms can't accommodate cancellations, but we're working hard to change that. We love the Citadel Theatre. It is an intimate space and no matter where you sit you are a part of the experience. This is a two person show that was very well acted.

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The name of the play Sex With Strangers is a little deceiving but valid as it is actually the name of a book one of the actors penned. The story is about two authors who meet at a Bed and Breakfast place in Michigan during a snow storm. The only people staying there. The male wrote a book called Sex with Strangers an autobiographical piece which made it to the New York Times best sellers list. He is younger and more confident and energized than the woman.

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The latter though a published author of a more literary piece is not as confident in her writing and with less acclaim. A mutual friend told him that she would be there and he wanted to meet her. My husband and I liked the show and the acting but it wasn't a wow moment for us; though it was something worth talking about. By submitting this form, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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