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Most of the coupons on our site have been submitted by our community so if you find a working code elsewhere,. You will be able to remove even the toughest damaged screws fast and easy with SpeedOut. The last deal was used less than 16 hours ago. Learn Why we chose HostGator as our Web Host and find discount coupons to kick start your blog today. My truck is very basic, as in no TPMS, no traction control, etc.

The less electronics you have. Flight Force Expedition Drone - Pinterest. SpeedOut Damaged Screw Extractor. Our mattresses have an open cell. Power Drill Bits eBay Spedouk. I have an upcoming post for the holidays that will involve a few charities as I think that giving back and helping others is one of the best things anyone can do. So without further ado:. The coupon is v alid until December 31st. How to use the coupon: Add 3D Mic as well as 3D mic Windshield in the shopping cart and then enter the coupon code at the very last screen before checkout.

The cart will deduct the price of the windshield from price. This is the highest quality portable Marhsall monitor I have used to date — and it has a critically important feature: In fact this monitor has loop through HDMI. Basically this is the one monitor I travel with everywhere at this point and can handhold on set. There are a lot of great and bad! I love this combination for a few reasons.

For one — both of these units are great long term investments. They are built rock solid. They are incredibly versatile in terms of shaping them to your particular needs as camera handles for handheld work.

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The mattebox has a feature few others have: There are also a number of mounting points on the top of the O-Box — you can screw in the cinetape, or a Zoom H4N very easily — another very nice feature on such small cameras where space and mounting points are at an extreme premium. Below is a photo of this system in use on a recent production. The single best little accessory for filmmakers: The cinelock is a simple and elegant concept — and extremely well made. You screw in the red base plate onto your cage or camera — and the grey slide onto your accessory.

It make packing and unpacking from a case a breeze. I own 6 of them. The software is free and I have to say — this is attractive for a lot of us out there who need to grab a quick soundbite. These are unequivocally some of the very best rolling bags in the market. And I swear by them. Well they are built to last forever and have excellent warranties should you have any problems. They are inconspicuous — you can roll them onto your airlines without attracting too much attention.

They pad your gear incredibly well.

In fact I bring prime lenses in a second roller or more to the point my assistant does with hard drives and laptops in this roller on board. We only check the "other stuff. It also has built-in backpack straps in case you need to go over uneven terrain. So what do I do with my other gear? This is an extremely well built case that has straps inside to hold your kit and of course all of the foam inserts you need. What separates this from the rest is a top shelf system.

Speaking of Macbooks — the 11" MacBook Air: For the past few months — I rarely if every use it anymore. I still own it of course — and I need it to work with high definition or RED footage. That being said — I am typing on the 11" Macbook Air right now — and travel with this computer only now.

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I do all of my presentations with it when I speak — and am able to play p video on external projectors without a hiccup. The Macbook 11" is almost the same size — and it has a keyboard and is a powerful little computer.

Gone are my days of the iPad for now at least. Gone are my days of travelling with a MacBook Pro as well. I now fly through the airport with an incredibly light bag — this laptop is such an incredible pleasure.

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This little machine is a beast — and I never wish I had bought the 13" by the way. This is the perfect size for me. I use SPECK covers for all of my laptops and swear by them btw — this avoids dings and scratches on the nice aluminum bodies — and helps avoid impact damage. While the Canon G12 and other cameras out there are great and often more feature-packed — this one has a few KEY features that separates it from the pack. Full Manual control of exposure settings which is key — and ability to focus manually with the front ring.

The single most common question I get from both photographers and cinematographers is: In fact this latest version is so sharp — it brings into question the need for primes. There are two main lenses every photojournalist owns — these two. There are two main lenses every fashion photographs owns — these two.

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There are two main lenses every sports photographer owns — these two. There are two main lenses every nature photographer owns — these two. I think that makes my point.

So while these may be a bit out of some of your budgets — they are definitely lenses to aspire to. You will use them for the rest of your lives on almost every single thing you shoot. And finally — My first book: Visual Stories: Nice list! Hoping to pick up a 1: Vincent Laforet Reply: November 24th, at 7: November 25th, at 6: That being said — for cinema i.

Do you use it exclusively with big lenses like the CP2? You can use donuts — it works just fine. Great list and some very cool gear on here I had never even heard about. That Cube system looks pretty rockin. Would love to see some prices somewhere on the list however, and maybe the recommended place to purchase!

Just click on the links to get prices rather quickly.