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Triple the sales with just this one small change. That means that for every four people that get to your checkout, only one of them ends up buying. Their hypothesis was that by having so many prominent boxes, it was confusing customers and driving them away or to look for discount codes. After running the test for well over a month, the results were positive. Their primary goal was to increase revenue both as a whole and on a per visitor basis, and they succeeded in both. The variation increased revenue per visitor by While the test was successful in bringing in more revenue, it did so by eliminating all gift cards and discount codes which are not ideal.

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Gifts cards and especially discounts codes can drive real traffic and extra sales. To combat this, companies are using different tactics. While others are showing coupons on the actual product and checkout pages like Myntra:. Whichever way you decide to go, make sure that your decision is based on actual testing data and not just your gut feeling. That would be a mistake. You see, results are not counted on how many people added items to their shopping cart and rather on how many of them ended up buying.

Sometimes tests that show great promise on whatever action was tested end up making fewer sales.

Being wary of that, when VeggieTales hired Blue Acorn to run their optimization program it was decided from the get-go that the metric that would eventually decide everything is Revenue Per Visitor RVP. Whatever the test results showed, it had to move the needle on revenue. By first examining analytics data, they had a good overview of where to start and what to test.

Variation on this test removed the big top banner to display more products and make the overall look cleaner:. Without the banner, category pages produced a In product pages, the aim was largely the same — make the look cleaner by removing some elements and moving others around while improving visibility and spacing:.

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Checkout is THE most important page in ecommerce; this is the place that the actual sales conversions happen. For VeggieTales, the page had the same header and footer elements as on other pages. It was not that these looked somehow off or were designed poorly. The more streamlined checkout look produced a Social media is obviously critical for any ecommerce company.

The question is: Can all this be somehow used to drive more sales on the main landing page? VeggieTales has a sizable community of fans on different social media sites, and so they decided to test if showing the size of social followers had any effect on sales. The initial hypothesis was that by displaying social followers prominently, it will act as social proof and secondly, will drive more people to follow them.

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The results showed that not only had they gained more fans and followers, but the variation had produced an astonishing This result was the biggest win of the whole lot and it came by making a slight change. Take these case studies not as something to blindly copy but rather as an inspiration and only when your data supports similar tendencies should you go ahead and consider running similar tests on your store.

No matter what any case studies says about results, every store is different and it attracts different audiences.

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Be aware of that. And good luck testing! Get started. For now, just remember that popups should always offer the customer a benefit. When we designed Pixelpop , our goal was to give online businesses a way of doubling down on the world-class customer experience we had in mind when we designed all 67 Stencil themes currently in the BigCommerce theme store. We wanted to help merchants get the most out of every person who visits their store, whether that means converting them into sales now or collecting their email to increase the chance of converting them in the future.

If not, now is the time to add Pixelpop to your store it takes two seconds and create an email signup popup. Go on, add the app right now. So why is collecting email addresses so important? The vast majority are going to poke around for a bit, see what you have to offer, and then bounce off in search of the next great deal. By using an email signup popup, you give yourself a chance at re-engaging those visitors and selling to them in the future — not just once, but over and over again. In 10 minutes, you can create an email signup popup and sync it to MailChimp or Conversio so that signups are automatically added to your mailing list of choice.

If you use a different email service provider, you can also download a CSV file with collected email addresses.

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BigCommerce themes offer a built-in banner area that works well for this, but its customization is rather limited compared to the diversity of options supported by Pixelpop. Using a page promotion popup, you can direct traffic to a featured or discounted product page, or even a special piece of content like a sales page or gift guide.

The coupon code popup is also ideal for promotions, as it displays a coupon code that visitors can use to get a discount at checkout. Versatility was key when we were designing Pixelpop. We wanted to give merchants an all-in-one tool they could use in conjunction with every campaign, whether that meant building their mailing list, getting more social followers, or clearing out inventory with a weekend sale.

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Create a popup and deliver your message loud and clear. Before publishing a popup, review the settings available and make sure each popup is appearing in the right place, at the right time. Pixelpop offers a range of scheduling and delay options, which you can use to refine your engagement strategy. Using a slight delay gives potential customers a chance to see what your store is offering before you try to sign them up for anything. In the case of sales and special offers, you generally want to show those popups as soon as possible, which means not using any delays.

However, with other popups, such as email signups and coupon code offers, it can be better to hold off for a little bit. In a brick-and-mortar world, that would be like having a clairvoyant sales associate who knows exactly how long to leave the customer on their own before engaging them with an offer.

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