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Massey Ferguson Tractors Under 40 HP For Sale

They've been our number one equipment dealer. About 95 percent of our equipment comes from them. We can pick up the phone and we can always count on them. When we are in a bind, they know you are in a bind and they come to the forefront to help you get back going. We are really, really fortunate to have that kind of support of system. Some of our other dealerships are not near as reliable as dealing with Livingston. McPherson says farming is a team effort with several companies but he considers Livingston the main backbone of his operation. Earl Livingstons heart is what makes the company beat like it does.

The guys there sacrifice their personal lives, like a farmer, to put up a crop.


No matter what time of day, if theres work to do they are here doing it. We also provide parts and service for all brands. We offer delivery and pickup service to make your job easier and time efficient.

We have a professional, knowledgeable, and friendly staff to help you with all your needs. Stop on by and see what we have to offer. We'd love to have you!

Browse All Used Equipment. Learn More. If you want something like a backhoe or rear hydraulic kits, you better get it now because chances are that five years down the line, the parts won't be available and the used items will be few and far between. Because they don't simply bolt up with universal brackets and finding the right combination can be difficult to do at any value, if you want one, save yourself the hassle and buy the loader with your tractor.

Next comes implements. Personally, I like to piecemeal those. I have yet to find the perfect combination in a package. I do however think it a good idea to get a basic implement like a rotary cutter with the tractor. That is if you will be cutting grass.

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One suggestion, don't put a finish mower on a unit with a loader. You WILL hit things. In my experience, most anything can be done with a few implements cutter, disk, loader, auger, spreader and drag. I can do anything that is necessary with those implements. Maybe it would be fun to pick a project and see if these would do it all.

LS Package Deals (Tractor, Loader, Trailer, Box Blade and Cutter)

I think it is possible. From there the use of implements increases the precision of your machine. Of course price comes into play as does time.

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If you are certain all you will be doing is landscape or gardening, a package may be the way to go. If you don't have time to shop or if you don't have the ability to transport stuff it may be worth it. For me, I do much better buying implements to fit the project, then duplicating the project rather than defining the machine first. Good luck with whatever you decide.